Mr. Michael Ciamarra, Mrs. Melody Ciamarra, Mrs. Iris Gross and Mr. Bill Gross at 29th October , 88th year of Turkish Republic Day celebration at Birmingham International Center.


We celebrate like another birthday of the Turkish Republic each year with 10th year anthem. It was the Republic Day celebration while the Father of Turks was a life.

We ask our future generation to put off the candles on the cake.


With volunteers, we prepared examples from Turkish Cuisine to enjoy all together.

Great Team.

From left to right; Ergin Esirgemez (BOD), Rebecca Kinney (Volunteer), Deniz Cakir (BOD), Sukru Icimsoy (BOD) , Paul Vloon (Volunteer), Aynur Ates Vloon (BOD), Abidin Yildirim (BOD), Hulya Aybek (BOD) and Eva Reichel (Volunteer)

Although, they are not in the picture, but also; Orrin Ford (BOD), Gunes Demirbas (BOD) , Ozge Cavusoglu (Volunteer), Peggy Bonfield (Volunteer), Fevzi Caglarsu (Former BOD) , Demet Gurler (Former BOD), Sinem Kilic (Former volunteer).

And last but not least, I would like to thank Turkish Community and Friends of Turkey for their continuous  support.